Running My Business From My Handbag!

I run business abroad most of the time. Everything that I do is based in the UK, my properties are based in the UK but I manage my company from abroad.

My business is a UK based company that I run from the United States when I am not in the UK.  I’ve had to get this down to a real streamlined art of managing my business by being able to take everything I need around with me in my hand bag. It’s so important to be able to just grab and go! Then from there I am able to run my business from no matter where I am.

You’ve probably seen that already. I’ve traveled to Australia, South Africa, and all around Europe. Providing there’s a wifi connection I can run my business.

So, here are the key things that I’ve got:

1.  My MacBook and my MacBook charger that I’ve bought in the last 6 months. It’s really streamlined and yes, it does fit inside my Calvin Klein handbag.

      If I’ve got wifi connection I can then log into Google Drive where I store everything business related. All of my property documents including leases, the deeds to the property, any mortgage information, the tenancy agreements. Everything is stored on my Google Drive!

    2.  My trusty notebook!

        I have two pens just in case one runs out of ink.

    3. Two phones. My iPhone SE is my American phone number and my iPhone 7 is my UK phone number along with an iPhone charger.

       I must admit I use my UK phone number far more than I use my US phone number. I’ve got a contract with O2 in the UK where they allow me to use unlimited minutes, texts and wifi from the US.  But, being in the US I do need my own US based phone number which makes things so much easier!

      I’ve also got a Power Monkey, which is one of those portable chargers that I can just plug into my phone and it will top off my power. It works great if I need to charge both at the same time or if I’m not near a power source I can use it in emergencies.

4. Calculator (sometimes, not all the time).

      I find having my calculator in my bag far easier than using the one on my iPhone.

5.  2 pairs of headphones. (I don’t really need two pairs of headphones!)

     I’ve got some wireless beats, to which I LOVE! As well as, some iPhone headphones that I’ve just stuffed in my bag. I can plug these in anywhere, and I’ve got the jack as well so I can plug it into my iPhone 7. These allow me to not always have to have a massive set of headphones on my head. I can simply just plug these into my phone and have handsfree conversations which is SO easy!

That is it! That is all I take in my bag and that’s what I run my company from. It’s all I need.

The only addition to my company, or my business set up is on my desk in my flat I have a big day planner that I can schedule what’s going on for the week or for the month. But I don’t need to take that with me because I’ve got my notebook, my phones, and my computer where I store everything already.

I can run my business on these things. That’s the beauty of transferring everything online – it can be as simple as you make it.

So, I want to hear from you!

What do you think about me running my business from so little? What else would you add to this list?

Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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