I’m going to keep it brief this week! 

I’m surrounded by boxes. Everything is going into storage tomorrow morning apart from what we can fit in the Tesla for the next three months.

Covid has certainly thrown up some challenges this year in terms of international travel… however in the US the sun is always hot somewhere so we are chasing it down to South Carolina and have a lovely lake / beach house in which to decompress and make some more sound decisions about where life will take us in 2021.

If you’re following me on IG (@natashaccollins) you’ll have seen that I went to the New Jersey development for the last time. That will be signed off and ready for the market by the end of October with an anticipated sell out by the end of the year… once we’re done I’ll break down how that went! If I do say so myself, it looks beautiful and has the biggest closets I”ve ever seen!

Right onto the podcast. I start by reflecting on our time in New York… then at 15:05 I bring my producer Josh onto the show to talk about how to create your own podcast, as I’m constantly asked about it on social media.

We go through the cold hard truths of what having a podcast actually means… and trust me, it doesn’t mean millions automatically fall into your bank account (much to some peoples disbelief!)

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The podcast is taking a two week break so that I can find a new peaceful spot in which to record! The next new episode will be on the 20th October 😀 


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