Wellbeing is so important both in your home life and your work life. When I discovered that wellbeing was not even being looked at in the property industry, I had to do something, here’s how:

My Belief

I’ve always believed that if you are going to work it should fulfil you. It should make your heart sing and lift you up in every single way.

The Background

After having a real bad time of it during my APC and taking my masters and that feeling continuing long after, I realised that the property industry was bringing me down.

I hadn’t received the right support during my APC. The hours were incredibly long and I found myself working whilst on holiday. Essentially I was waking up, going to the gym, working and then studying, then repeat.

On reflection, this was a horrible way of living and not sustainable. I was tired, groggy, uninterested in doing anything and feeling unwell.

The Problem

The problem was that it wasn’t even just me feeling that way. The more I spoke to my peers, the more I realised it seemed to be something that young professionals had to suffer with. It seemed like this was just the initiation you had to go through to get into the industry. Older professionals had had to go through it, so why didn’t the younger generation?

I couldn’t let this lie. I really didn’t think that it was right that the stress was piled on us, when actually we were at a point in life when fun should also be a priority. There had to be more a balanced way of doing things.

The Change

So I decided to change it. I got in contact with the RICS and asked the question ‘Is it right that APC candidates are so stressed out, some are even having to take leave to recover?’.

Confronting the issue meant that heads started turning and that’s where doing a seminar came into play.

It was time to start the conversation. All it required was a hands up, who’s feeling this ridiculous stress and who wants to do something about it. From here something could be done to resolved it.

The RICS and their charity Lionheart loved this idea. They wanted to be a part of it and they wanted to be able to host something, but didn’t have any ideas of where to start.

The Rise of Supercharge Your Wellbeing

This was where Super Charge Your Wellness was born. I didn’t know how to do it, but I knew something had to be done and so that’s what we are doing. We are taking this seminar out into he industry and we have had fabulous response!

The Future

I cannot wait to go and speak to people, people who want to discuss this and want to put themselves first. I feel like a movement is starting and as much as I’m here to set it off a wave is about to hit the profession in an incredible way.

If you want to find out more about then check out the press release here. If you are interested in coming to a seminar, you can sign up. They are free and I would love love love to see you there.

It’s time to make wellbeing a priority and it’s time to enjoy what you work for. And then be able to go home and relax. Life is about enjoyment and learning about yourself. It’s time to change things up!




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