Take one small action step today… see your success skyrocket

Did you see my Facebook Live in the Property Investment Mastery Facebook Group this week?

When we think about investing in property, we imagine the end result.

That place where we have loads of properties and money flowing into our bank account.

It’s a lovely thought… but actually taking action on getting there, can seem overwhelming. I get that, I’m good at procrastinating too when I feel something is out of my reach.

Yet, I realised something, as I was phoning around Architects in Bath on Friday. Getting to your property investment goals always starts with one really easy step.

I’ll back up and explain what I’m trying to do. My Mum has a bungalow on a pretty big plot of land in Bath. I think it would fit 2-3 properties on it. The tenants are leaving on the 10thAugust, so I want to evaluate the possibility of JV’ing with her to develop on the land.

It seems like a huge task, but the strategy needs to be mapped out now whilst we’ve got loads of flexibility.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while… I remember writing my thoughts about it in my notebook on the 22ndMay, and then life got in the way. Or probably excuses… who knows, I just woke up in the middle of the night on Thursday knowing I should do something about it.

Friday, I Googled architects in Bath, phoned each to see who would be interested in looking at the project and finally settled on one and got the first meeting booked in.

Seems simple right. Yes, it really was. It’s not cost me anything, but I’m taking action and moving the idea of a project along.

It struck me that every project starts like this. A RightMove search. A phone call to an agent, architect or surveyor. A question asked in a Facebook group or to your mentor. The simplest steps get the ball rolling.

From there you can take the next step based upon what you’ve learnt from that small initial action.

Hey, if along the way it doesn’t work out, then I’ve learnt something and can go in another direction.

I don’t have it all figured out for the project, the money, the contractor, the look or feel of the new development. But, I know I’ll be able to figure it out when I get there.

You need to have the same confidence in your ability. The more steps you take, the more invested in a project you become and that helps with raising finance get gaining more and more momentum.

I challenge you this week, to take that first tiny step towards a new project.

If you feel comfortable, you can hit comment and let me know what it is!

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone because that’s where the magic happens.


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