Have you ever wanted to fast track your income, get from no knowledge to highly knowledgeable within minutes, run before you can walk, fly without wings?


Me too, all of the above all of the time. When I set out to be a property investor I just wanted to know stuff now and own about 20 properties immediately. Massive goals, within this <—-> timespan. The goal’s achievable, the timeframe not so much, but I wasn’t to know. I signed up to every property site imaginable, spent money on lectures, books, mentoring, to get where? Nowhere. Everything gave me nuggets of hard to understand information, which I then needed to pay more money for to get ‘specialist help’. I’m not a bottomless money pitt and I started to feel tricked and rather let down by this industry I so desperately wanted to get into.

Now, this isn’t a scare story, because I have since done rather well for myself but I learnt some really valuable lessons from getting all het up on information that just wasn’t doing what is said on the tin. I have combined this all together to give you my five things to look out for prior to choosing yourself a property mentor.

The 5 things you MUST know:

  1. Don’t get sucked in by free-be web seminars which spend an hour selling the investors marked up services. In my opinion it is far more honest to set out a list of your services and price tags. Then, if you want to give a free seminar, just spend 10 minutes giving out your free knowledge rather than 50 minutes of up-sell and 10 mins at a strange time parting with your info. If you get onto a seminar or Vlog or podcast and it is just pure information then listen to this and when you are comfortable with the host then go buy their services or contact them for more information
  2. Avoid investors who use long words, really overly complicated strategies and down right bizarre tactics for getting people to sell to them – yea OK this heightened path to property that you are travelling might be working for you, but seriously not everyone has the time to ‘get it’. Investors who take the time to explain things and offer straightforward solutions are always, in our experience, the more genuine and most efficient investors, take more note of these folk because they want you to understand them.
  3. Stay clear of ‘Property Cliques’ – if you feel like you have to get on par or act in a way outside of your own to get on ‘the level’ that a property investor is on, just take it simply as, they are so far off the mark they don’t know what the mark is and don’t try to slide the snake (or climb the ladder depending on how you look at it) to get to them – honestly it’s not worth the pain, hassle, or time trying to reach out to them. These investors are better left alone and just count your lucky stars I have warned you about them now, you are better than that!
  4. Dodge huge, impractical risk taking – If you come across an investor who is advertising strategies that seem so risky it can’t work, chances are it is too risky and they have been the exception not the rule to the best way of property investing. I’m talking, taking out massive mortgages, re-financing to the max, even using ‘bridging loans’ on 100% of the property purchase. Stay well clear of this and do something comfortable
  5. Find yourself purposeful property investing – If you come across an investor who wants what’s best for you and the tenant, and is giving out free information which really makes sense to you then run through this gold dust and catch it all. Honestly, this is my best tip, when you have that ah-ha moment and it’s free and then you can pay for a service which is reasonable for you then run at it.

It’s been an absolute bug-bear of mine that the golden information you need is so hard to find. Admittedly there is not a quick solution to property investing, and even more annoyingly investors are trying to supplement their income by making a quick buck by selling their crazy strategies for even more ridiculous sums of money.

Here’s how we are solving this problem… AND WE WANT YOU INVOLVED!

However NC Real Estate is changing this, I firmly believe that all the information you need should be nestled within this blog and if it’s not then I am launching a step-by-step, fully actionable investor guide, which will take you from deciding you want to invest to actually getting your first property and beyond, all for the price of a book with no additional up-sells or costs. If this is something that would be of interest to you then go sign up on Clever Property Investor now and we will let you know as soon as this goes live.

What you need to do

Also, I want to hear from you, if you have found awesome property investing information after using my 5 tips above then please let me know in the comment section below.

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