The actual reason that I love property investment…

The actual reason that I love property investment…

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I love property investment because it’s a way of investing in something that is tactile. You can feel it, you can see it, you can go and change it around and you can increase the value.

A property investment over time…. Property does go up in value. I know it goes up, it goes down over the long time. It goes up. If you have a look back to 1991 which council tax bands are currently valued on, I’m sure your property has gone up by a significant amount of money and even though we’ve had the recessions in between. So there’s always that upward trend.

You could also change it around if a property is not working and maybe it’s tough to sell.

You can have a look at other things that you can do with the property to make money from it. So it’s not just a one size fits all approach with each property.

You can mould it into something that gives you better returns if that’s what you want to do. And the reason I love teaching people is because I love working with other investors goals they’ve got, everybody’s got their own plans and their own goals. And I’ve got a very good mind for looking at strategy, but also explaining it in a way that the other person can understand.

I do not believe in stupid, ridiculous jargon that you don’t, no one else understands what you’re talking about. I think that everything needs to be on a level playing field. So even if I was explaining it to a younger person or even a child, they’d pick that up. So it needs to be accessible and I like teaching on accessible level, but also I absolutely love celebrating the successes of my clients.

That fuels me because I think, wow, look how much they’ve done. And it gives me ideas for myself as well. So I just love it is the most rewarding thing. And if I’ve got the knowledge, which I’ve worked so hard for, and I’ve worked with so many different clients, I want to share that because I believe that everybody should have access to that. If they want to invest in property too.