The Anti-Goal Setting Podcast!

Ah yes, the very beginning of the year and with it comes a whole lot of new ideas, of things we want to do and create. In essence, we start to think about our new year’s resolutions.

I’m not sure about you, but I find it a tad overwhelming. There’s just SO much I want to accomplish. Yup, overwhelm.

In today’s podcast, I’ve decided to walk you through a process I now use to “guide” myself to where I want to be and what I want to accomplish. Sans the stress!

I’ve invited Rach Cass today to discuss our simple (and fun!) method of goal-setting. Read below to get an overview of our process, and then listen to the full podcast here.

The first thing:

Take a look at the non-tangibles. How do you want to feel? What do you want to be? What are you changing in your life to make yourself feel better/great?

There are no restrictions here. The keywords here are definitely self-care and gentleness on yourself. When you clear out all the clutter of others opinions and expectations, what is it that you really want for yourself?

The second thing:

This is the creative part! Under each “feeling” category, write as many things as you want. These are the tangible aspects of your goal-setting. What things are going to get you to feel as you want? There’s no limit here and I encourage you to really let this section flow!

The third thing:

Map it out! This gets you thinking about timelines and dates. When do you want to achieve these things by? Here, think about the steps you need to take (the small bitesize steps) that are going to lead to the end goal.

The fourth thing:

Plan and prioritise. What definitely 100% needs to happen by a certain date, and what things are you okay with if they happen a little later? Take note that there is no pressure here… You CAN adjust your timelines as the year progresses…

The fifth thing:

Choose a word or a couple of overarching words that really fit your goals for 2020. These could be words like, “flexibility”, “stability”, “endurance”, or whatever words you feel would fit your goals best.

The sixth thing:

Look at what season you are in your life right now. Is it time for hard work and relentless long working hours because you want to achieve something in the next few months, or is it more a time to rest and recharge before you start the next project?

Get all the juicy details in this first of the year podcast, “The Anti-Goal Setting Podcast” here. 

Our main message to you is to be INTENTIONALLY YOU! There is no need for any lofty plans or extreme objectives.

Think about your goal setting this year as putting yourself in the position where you are best able to achieve what you want in 2020!