Leasehold Tribunal puts the fear of god in a lot of leaseholders… and then if it gets referred up a level to Lands Tribunal it seems scarier, especially because you end up in the Royal Courts of Justice trying to settle a dispute that can be really heated.

If you’ve been a with me a while, you’ll know in 2020 I ended up in Leasehold Tribunal myself. It was a pain more than anything. I got a lot of people reaching out to me to tell me how scary they thought it all sounded.

So I thought I’d get to the bottom of what the Leasehold Tribunal and then the Lands Chamber actually does, the process and why it’s vital we understand it AND alternative dispute resolution. 

Today I’ve invited Peter McCrea onto the podcast. Peter is a Chartered Surveyor, Arbitrator, former chair of the Conduct and Appeals Committee for the RICS and was appointed the youngest ever member of the “Lands Tribunal” at the age of 44. The Tribunal has equivalent status to the High Court in England and Wales. Peter is also Chair of the Board for LionHeart.

We go through, litigation, ADR and the best way of resolving a dispute and why the Lands Chamber and Leasehold Tribunal isn’t as scary as everyone makes out!

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