One of the things we’ve been struggling to get hold of in the New Jersey Development is Kitchen Cupboards. We’ve changed the design to accommodate whatever we can get hold of.

(There’s obviously no point delaying things because we’d like matt black cupboards, over the white ones)

In Bath, not being able to quickly get planning consent to change the sash windows because everything has slowed down means that for the while I’ve screwed the bottom half of one window shut (you can still open the top half).

These are small things in the grand scheme of my property portfolio and I am INCREDIBLY lucky that the ‘challenges’ are small.

However, there are some huge pressures on development and construction coming up, to finish jobs quickly, whilst having a reduced number of people on site… all trying to stick within the original time scale so that finance can be repaid on time is getting tricky.

So this week, I’ve invited onto the podcast the only person who I know can answer my questions on listed buildings AND construction (there are only 4 surveyors in the UK with this niche skill set), Christopher Moore.

Tune in to find out the answers to the following questions:

  • I get so many questions about buying Grade II listed properties as an investment, I have two flats in a Grade II listed property myself. What are the pro’s and con’s?
  • What is the state of the construction industry in the UK right now? Has this changed significantly since Covid?
  • Do you think the changes to the construction industry will impact the development pipeline for years to come?
  • Are you struggling with supply chains?
  • How is this impacting development finance and the costs associated with development and construction?
PLUS a really frank discussion on how you can have multiple interests in the industry.

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Are you enjoying the experts I’ve invited onto the podcast? Who else would you like to hear my interview?



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