I’ve invited David Hunt, my fellow UCEM Valuations Lecturer to come and discuss all things valuations, his super interesting and diverse career AND his unusual property investment strategy.

It’s great to be able to offer an insider’s take on property investment; meet David, a chartered surveyor, a lecturer at UCEM and friend of mine in property.

David’s story to becoming a chartered surveyor wasn’t a straightforward one, but with each step that he took in that direction, his opportunities flourished and led him to both visit and live in different countries in Eastern Europe. During his time there, he was able to fulfil his dream of travel and meeting a fascinating range of high-profile people.

Listen to his inspiring stories about how becoming a chartered surveyor and property investor allowed him to deepen his love of education and take the time off work to get a post-graduate degree.

Listen to the full Podcast here: https://anchor.fm/the-nc-podcast

Here are some time stamps you may find useful:

>> [01:23] David introduces himself and explains his interesting process to becoming a chartered surveyor

>> [04:57] Hear about the perks of being a chartered surveyor… about David’s international travel to exciting places and how he ended up working in Ukraine.

>> [12:29] David talks about his own property investment portfolio and about his unique strategy (he’s definitely risk-averse and fairly cautious!)

>> [15:12] A financial advisor with a 15 property portfolio. How did he do it?

>> [16:25] “The appeal to me wasn’t to get rich quick, but to build a fairly passive income”. David’s search for flexibility to live how he really wanted.

>> [19:50] David chats about other strategies he has including the MUST HAVE’s for him to purchase property – that includes secure parking, a lift… and more.

>> [22:29] David talks about the important relationship between lenders, buyers and valuers and how paying for a property survey is really the best thing you can do.

>> [28:02] Where can you find the best property market figures and latest trends? (HINT: All the data you need is in the land registry)

>> [31:09] The 18yr Property Cycle. Myth or fact? David goes into detail about this.

>> [32:48] The Digital Revolution – Automated Valuation Model vs “curb appeal”)

Ready to listen to the full podcast? Do so by clicking THIS LINK! 


Watch a ten-minute excerpt from the podcast in video form below:

P.S. If you want to chat with David Hunt, you’ll find him on Linked In. 

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