Auctions, we all know about them. For most of us we know deep down that if we go and buy at auction we can pick up great deals. We’ve seen it on programs like Homes Under the Hammer, where it looks really easy. You buy the property half price, spend some money doing it up and then flip it on.

So what’s actually stopping us? Well for most people it’s the dread of doing something new. For most of us we are all forced into the regular conveyancing process when we buy our first home. And as frustrating as it is, we accept the stresses of it as normal and then get stuck in the routine of constantly buying like that. 

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Yet, as investors we have to get creative and clever. OK, those hugely discounted properties may not be always up for grabs at auction. But there are some huge benefits of getting yourself down to your local auction house and picking up your next property… speed, flexibility, cost and picking up something you might have never come across elsewhere. It all makes using this method as one of your buying processes well worth it! 

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Again, we go back to the thought of it being daunting and that’s understandable, you are doing something new and out of your comfort zone. When you do it alone, yes, it can be super uncomfortable. 

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