I love my podcast for a number of reasons… but mainly because I meet awe-inspiring people who go on to become really good friends of mine AND who I can’t wait to see for a glass of wine once I can fly again !!

Today, I think you are going to be blown away by my podcast with Aren Deu.

Mental health is something I’ve talked about a lot over the years. I work on my wellbeing daily… COVID has kind of thrown it into something I’ve not experienced before, a sense of head down, let’s get on and we’ll deal with real-life when we are out the other side.

In reality, it doesn’t really work like that and so we are going to have a serious conversation about what Mental Health and Property Investment means to us right now.

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As you may already know. Doors to the Members Club are open this week! 

What you may not already know is that I don’t run things alone. So that I can support you in the best way possible and run 1:1’s and Q&As and be present for all of the live events I host… I have a fabulous team in the background.

Today I want to introduce you to Lorenza, the Members Club Community Manager. She’s the person who keeps an eye on things, make sure you have the resources you need and is ALWAYS there to cheer you on! 

I asked her ‘What do you love most about the Members Club’.

Here’s the answer…

The Members’ Club is a space for all property investors to meet and connect with each other- this is where the real magic lays, as the relationships we build here will serve us for many years to come.

What I love most about the Members’ Club is the interaction between Members on the Facebook Group- no question goes unanswered and the helpfulness, openness and willingness from all our Members is honestly heartwarming.

The Members’ Club is a dynamic place where motivated property investors come to build their property portfolios, study topics that are relevant to them, have online chats (the Drop-in Sessions happen twice a month and are not to be missed!), interact with other property investors and of course, receive guidance and direction from Natasha.

I love seeing how people grow and develop here, both personally and professionally. This is honestly the most supportive, informative and friendly Property Investment Group out there.

I will be hosting 4 LIVE orientation events on the Facebook Group during May and June. The purpose of these are going to be to guide new Members through the various packages and workshops we offer to make sure they are really benefitting from their subscription.

I really hope to see you there! 

Listen to what Lorenza (the Members’ Club Community Manager) has to say about the Members’ Club here.


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