Valuations make a property investors world go round. Mainly because the value of a property is how you make or lose money.


However, I see time and time again absurd social media posts about how Surveyors are out to get property investors with Down Valuations.


Or how unfair a valuation is because of X, Y and Z.


Ultimately those posts are a load of nonsense, and whilst we all have figures in our heads of what we would like a valuation to be, it doesn’t mean that the market is showing that.


So today, I have decided to get to the bottom of what actually goes on with valuations, from the man who sets the standards, Ben Elder.


We discuss what Market Value actually means. How Valuers come to a value. The difference in valuations AND we dispel myths.


PLEASE put this podcast on and take a good listen to what Ben has to say. Ben is in charge of setting the standard your property will be valued on. Yes, he does it on a UK basis for the RICS but also chairs the International Valuation Standards Committee so will be part of setting the standard for valuations internationally too.


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What was the biggest takeaway you got from this podcast?



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