Getting into the property industry was not my first option **SHOCK** .

I was desperate for a job when I graduated… 42 applications and nothing (it was 2009, in the depths of the credit crunch).

I had my lettings manager job at a lettings agent, but I really didn’t think that was a worthy career path…

Until one afternoon, whilst sorting through tenant applications, I got chatting to a potential client who asked me to babysit for his children.

That meeting pointed me to a job as property manager.



Through that job, I was promoted to asset manager and head of department. I was also introduced to many many people who inspired me to buy my own property portfolio. Taught me the ropes of commercial and residential strategy and gave me the reigns of hundreds of millions of pounds of property. Which, so long as I got them to their goals, they let me do as I pleased.

It was sink or swim. There were a lot of tears. However my property journey over the last 11 years has taught me: Every single one of my clients is different. Every property is different. Every strategy is different. But, so long as no one has died, there is always a solution.

This philosophy inspired me to start NC Real Estate and build a firm of Surveyors my own way.

In this podcast, I break down where I started and why I’m here doing this.


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