I’m excited for this week’s Podcast!

It’s very rare that I put out content solely about Scotland… but I feel that it’s time I started discussing it more.

I want to start by making the point that there are different rules between Scotland and England and so today we are discussing Scotland and what’s happening in the market.

For example:

  • New PRT or Private Residential Tenancy started in December 2017 replacing the SAT or Short Assured Tenancy.
  • Standards are improving in Edinburgh letting market and new Letting Agent Code of Conduct and Letting Agent Register came into effect last year and is pushing some budget agents out of the market.

There’s also exciting prospects for investors as rents have risen sharply in the centre of Edinburgh over the last two years but they’re just keeping pace with capital prices to buy so yields are not rising overall. But it is now possible to increase yields by getting the perfect flat in a perfect condition as some tenants have good budgets.

So in this podcast I’ve invited Jonathan Gordon of Clan Gordon to come and join me as we talk through how the Scottish property market differs from the English market AND as an investor, where a good place to invest is RIGHT NOW!

Head over here to listen now to What about Scotland? Where to invest in Edinburgh.

Want to watch a snippet of the podcast, you can do that here:

Let me know in the comments section below what your key takeaways are:




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