There are currently 124 Debenhams units employing 12,000 members of staff across the UK.

When the stores close down, that’s an awful lot of empty space clogging up the high street.

‘Clogging’ funny word to use, right? But, in all honesty that’s what will happen. There will be a period of time where the liquidation process happens and none of the units can be used. 

That will mean retail units being shuttered or boarded up. Leading to security issues… which inevitably leaves the surrounding retailers nervous, if they survive at all.

Traditionally Anchor units, Debenahms would bring footfall to an area, which is why retailers pay to be next door to these units in the first place.

Footfall dwindles = reduced profits = more store closures.

Not pretty. 

Which is why in this weeks podcast I’m discussing options for these Debenhams units.

HINT: Think innovation

Even if you don’t dream of owning a property the size of a Debenhams unit this is still for you. You need to be thinking about how you can change up the industry… this gives you a chance to daydream. That’s where all the best ideas come from!

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What would you use the Debenhams units for?