Whenever I go to events and speak or do an interview I’m ALWAYS ask what’s my investment strategy.

I know this sounds crazy as an outsider from my mind, but I always wonder why the devil they want to know what I’m doing, when I’m far more interested in what they are doing.

However, when I take a step back, I completely 100% get it. You want to know what I do that allows me to do the things I do now.

OK, I’ll give it to you straight, right here:

At the moment, I have 3 properties in my own name, they are what give me lifestyle and support. I maximise rent, increase capital value and reduce my mortgages… annnd the income is just what I need to survive, thrive and prosper.

Boring hey?

I’m not a believer in having more more more (unless we are talking chocolates, cosy sweat pants and a shed load of pillows) as it creates hassle. So, when I’m actively out searching for more properties its either for my development company (which doesn’t hold properties, simply flips) or my parents pension pot.

My main passions are helping landlords and property investors and property professionals achieve their dreams. I’m so fortunate that I get to travel, live in nice places, spend lunchtimes walking my dog, head out for drinks and dinner with my friends and family… I love it. But I wouldn’t want to do it if I couldn’t help other people achieve more!

For me £’s arriving in my bank account don’t cut it. It’s great that it’s here and I am grateful for having a full bank account. However, the plopping of pounds into my bank account do nothing for my heart.

Yet, the minute someone tells me about their breakthroughs, their confidence rocking up, them being under offer on another property, makes me want to dance around like a crazy person with them. I’m just over the moon excited.

Really, my investment strategy is investing in people so that they can invest in themselves. Through years of experience and getting my clients huge successes, I know the property industry inside out, so I’m best placed to be here.

My properties give me a platform, I use this as a platform to propel my clients to success. It’s a beautiful strategy.


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