Do you want the good news first or the good news first? 🙂 We’re offering a totally free and no-strings-attached webinar called Uncover the “secret sauce” to building a profitable property portfolio on the 30th November 2020 @18:30pm-19:30pm UK time. Best to book your seat straight away; which you can do here.

Right let me tell you why I’m hosting this:

Side Note: Since we last spoke, I’m now under offer on a beautiful lake house… coming to Air BnB soon (More about that in the pod).

I hear you complaining about ‘what’s wrong with my strategy?!’ or feeling exasperated because you’ve not bought your 1,567,890 property like [insert whoever you’re comparing yourself to right here].

Let me be straight, because I can be nothing else, I’m pretty sure the real reason your strategy is off is because you’re listening to too many other people telling you what your strategy shouldn’t be and pretending like that’s a strategy.

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