I’m a firm believer that anywhere is up for grabs when you are looking for somewhere to buy your next buy to let. You’ve simply got to buy property that works with your strategy {which is why your goals are so important}.

If you haven’t got that strategy for how to invest in property or your next buy to let sorted… you know where I am to help you out, jump into the Members Club, I’ll help you sort your goals out and the strategy to make sure that you are investing in rental properties.

My current strategy is threefold… I’ve got a number of different strategies which I’m implementing simultaneously to build my property portfolio.

The Cotswolds & Surrounds – I’m currently looking to invest in this area with my Mum as that’s where she lives… we are looking for a refurbishment project that she can run. My current strategy is to buy a bargain, put in some TLC and turn around as serviced accommodation or long term rental. We are looking for yields, but also that increase in capital value. I love the beauty of the area so am very very happy to go along with this and Mum is ready to sink her teeth into a project.

Reading – I do a lot of work in Reading, that’s where the University College of Estate Management is based and so it makes sense to have a project here. Of course, there’s the added benefit that as soon as Crossrail comes through and it’s even quicker to get into London prices will again pick up. The Oracle is awesome shopping. The canal and riverside are brilliant for dog walking, exercise and chill out space. There are great Universities, schools, hospitals… it really is a lovely town. And, with prices still a lot cheaper than Bath, it’s a great place to invest now. Yes, you get a good yield and yes there will be an uplift in capital value.

Lowestoft – My business partner for developments is so keen to invest here as he has contacts who could do redevelopment projects. I was less keen… but after doing research, there is a lot of funding going into this area to reduce flooding and the impact of coastal erosion. The local council is installing new transport links and it’s still got a bustling tourist trade in the Summer. Whilst I will be watching out for buying within high-risk flood areas, you can get a lot of property for £100k and with that, you can get good yields (if you choose well)… capital uplift is yet to be seen. Yet, where there is risk, there is a chance to make a higher gain, so we will look at dipping our toes in this area if we find something suitable.

Other areas that I’ve also earmarked, Leeds, Leicester and I will always continue to look in Bath!

These may not be areas that you would pick… but they suit my plans quite nicely. And, it goes to show, you definitely don’t always need to follow the crowd. It’s about picking what works for you.


P.S If you are looking for that strategy then definitely come and join me in the Members Club!