I’ve taken your questions from the Property Investment Mastery Facebook Group and created a podcast that’s sure to help you get started: 

  • Not knowing where to start with low capital
  • Where to start with deciding what strategy I should focus on
  • Where to start with keeping focused and raising finance
  • Where to start with finding a power team
  • Where to start with growing a credible investor list

And give you a strategy of how to get started!

Enjoy this podcast, “Where to Start… Your Questions Answered”! I hope it inspires you to take action and GET STARTED!

Here are some timestamps to lead you along the podcast: 

>>[01:32] Where to start? Have you got low capital (or no money at all?). + my crowdfunding success story. 

>>[05:25] If you have 20-30 thousand pounds “lying around to invest”, I’d consider looking in a cheaper part of the country- and a property that needs some work donw to it. 

>>[07:41] Focus on strategy! There are so many strategies out there. **HINT: Choose one that excites you. 

>>[11:25] Is your passion HMO’s? (Read beautiful colours and decor). Choosing a strategy can be easy. Follow your passion! (+ brainstorm) 

>>[13:20] Keep focused and raise finance. Find a great deal first- i.e. find a property that you’re crazy about and then you’ll have the motivation to get the finance. 

>>[15:43] How to get a great power team together. I love my power team- which starts with my solicitor. 

>>[17:02] Next up… my core team member: mortgage broker. 

>>[18:41] Ooh, and don’t forget that all-important accountant. 

>>[20:24] How do you start growing a credible investor list? This is going to take time, but be persistant and slowly build trust. Focus on networking and building relationships. 

I really hope this podcast, “Where to start… Your questions answered”, guides you on where you can start your property journey. It can be slow in the beginning. Sometimes things seem to go far worse at the beginning than right.

I have a quote on my wall that says, “Every piece of action is a seed you’ve sown, you may not see the shoots come up immediately, but over time they start to appear.”

Just get started!

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