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Whilst we are coming out of the anxiety-inducing stage of having no idea what this pandemic means…

There is still this undeniable uncertainty which quite frankly is making some people in the industry react in bizarre ways.

Yes, there’s always been competition and that creates hostility. You also can easily come across people who just hate their jobs and don’t want to give you the time of day. You also find difficult people EVERYWHERE.

But this behaviour shouldn’t be the norm… because when it is the industry suffers. Instead, we have to practice a bit of kindest, mixed in with the knowledge that everyone is trying to just do their job.

So today, I’ve brought my good friend, Dr Danielle Lester, back onto the podcast. We discuss why collaboration could resolve all of our problems and she gives me the low down on the state of the construction industry… which she reckons needs the biggest overhaul!

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I hope you enjoy this podcast.


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