In this week’s podcast, “Why Commerical Property Investment”, I’ve invited Greg Hunt from the Clem Dodson Associates (And my Masters Level Property Management Module) to discuss why Commercial Property Investment is awesome AND where and what to invest in right now.

Have you ever thought about getting into commercial property? This podcast is a super place to start. Greg and I chat about upcoming trends in 2020, what to look out for re commercial leases and how to look after your tenants so they stay! Listen to the podcast now.

Here are some highlights from the podcast, so skip ahead if you see something below that catches your eye:

>> [00:25] Find out about my Members’ Club (doors open until the 20th November 2019!) Click here to find out more:

>> [01:21] Listen to my guest speaker, Greg, relay his fascinating (and varied) account of how he got to where he is today. And why he loves the slogan, “Saving money, adding value”.

>> [11:35] The benefits of commercial and why your attitude to risk is everything when it comes to investing (and life in general too!). Greg chats about equities, bonds and high yields…

>> [14:15] Natasha and Greg get into some nitty-gritty details about the various commercial property strategies and also look at covenant strengths.

>> [15:54] Greg chat about where the best returns are in commercial property at the moment… industrial…office…retail…retail warehouse….& shopping centres

>> [18:08] Retail warehousing and retail. What’s the difference? It’s about the UK’s planning policies and basically getting larger retailers off the high street… Fascinating insights!

>> [19:58] Find out where you should start your commercial property investment research. (HINT: start with attending commercial property auctions and read the likes of the Estates Gazette!

>> [24:38] Looking closer at “good” tenants- and how to keep them. *NB, work on your communication skills and nurture that tenant/landlord relationship.

>> [28:09] Commercial Leases and what kinds of things you should keep your eyes open for. This is IMPORTANT. Do you know about the alienation clause, the rent review and are you clear on the repairing and insuring details?

>> [31:49] What’s HOT right now? “Flex” space, the sustainable agenda and regulation.

>> [36:36] Greg chats about why the 4-day work week works so well and what he does with the other 3 days of his week! (It’s got quite a lot to do with fruit trees, fruit juice and bees) 🙂

Head over to the podcast now to listen to this week’s podcast, Why Commercial Property Investment with Greg Hunt.

I’d love to hear some of your feedback re our conversation. What was your biggest take-away and has our podcast inspired you to look into commercial property investment? Share your comments below.

If you want to see a 10-minute video segment of the podcast, you can do so by clicking below!

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