Why I do any of this…

Why I do any of this…

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The reason why I’m doing this is because in all honesty, I think that landlords get real bad name for themselves and I get it.

There are rogue landlords out there. I have seen them when I was in Earls Court, I remember a landlord asking me if I, if I wanted to take on the management of his building, and I went into this building and no joke, it was three flats that had been turned into 18 rooms. How that was possible, I don’t know. I asked, how have you done this? And he’d just put up would partition walls in between each room so that every person could sleep in a single room. And I said, there is no chance on this planet that I would take this on for property management. It does not fit health and safety regs. It does not conform to any standards.

No one could have a good standard of living living here. I’ve seen that. I really have and I wanted to make sure that that didn’t continue.

Also I wanted to make sure that landlords were given the ability to continue building strategies that work for them. And the landlord or property investor who works their own strategy, who works on their own goals, but with a focus in mind that they need to look after their tenants. They need to provide safe, comfortable accommodation regardless of whether they’re a residential tenant or a commercial tenant. That is how you build a really successful property investment business.

But it’s also how we build a really successful property investment industry. And that’s my why.

I want to make sure that this is a positive place to be.

It’s not a place where you jump into it and you think, oh my gosh, how am I ever going to make money through property because I’ve just been taxed this amount as this much regulation.

All of these different things that are now such huge barriers to entry for property investors or even where it makes it so difficult to continue letting your property. I want to break all of that down. And this is what I do, break it all down and make it so that you understand what you need to do, but you also understand how to make money from it and how to hit those goals.

The common myth is that there is no money in property investment anymore and that’s not true because the big pension funds will always continue investing in property, both residential and commercial as do all of the big landed estates. Heck, even the crown which is owned by the royal family, they have an acquisition hunt for new properties.

There is still money to be made is just going about it in the right way, I want to be that support.

I want to be that person that you can lean on and go, Hey Natasha, I’m really struggling. Can you help me? Yes, of course I am here to help. I’m here to make sure that you feel confident, that you felt encouraged, that you feel supported, and whenever you need that helping hand, you can just reach out and I’ll be able to show you a better direction to go in or just keep you moving because chances are, you are doing great. You just need to know that next step. And that’s my why I’m here to be that support system for property investors and landlords.