I’m excited, this week the Members Club is open!! Woohoo… only until Midnight on Thursday 28th January. 

This year the Members Club has stepped up. You not only have access to masterclasses in a quick easy sequence that will build out a strategy and then make sure you purchase the perfect property in the right location. But you have access to a wealth of industry databases that surveying firms have access to, for both residential and commercial properties.

Each week you will be invited to come to a commercial Q&A and residential Q&A as well as a Masterclass with either me or our resident coaches where we cover industry updates and asset management strategies. 

There are also co-working sessions if you want time to focus on property investment and my team and I are always at the end of an email or in our community to answer any of your questions. 

You’re invited to as many sessions as you want to attend, we recommend taking time to come to at least one session a month (if we don’t hear from you we will be checking in as accountability is our thing).

It’s £97/month and you can stay for as long or as little as you want. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

OK right, let’s get into this week’s podcast! 

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Governments consultation to grant PDR (permitted development rights) from E class to C3 as of August 2021.

In practice seems phenomenal. Woohoo lets build resi because it’s in demand, but in reality I can see it ending up in an unregulated mess and investors loosing money, here’s why:

  • Poses risks with messing up town centers and high streets
  • Causing poor tenant mix 
  • Investors think this is an easy strategy without providing good quality accommodation
  • Lack of commercial will push rents up for commercial units elsewhere
  • More residential will bring residential prices down
  • Commercial tenants and residential tenants are picky about where they are located
  • Potential for loosing amenities needed by tenants – such as loading for commercial or parking or gardens

So I propose a solution to this and how you can still make good money, want the answer? Listen to this weeks podcast!

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Over to you, what would a good tenant mix policy look like in your town?


P.S Here’s the link to join the Members Club if you missed it above https://ncrealestate.co.uk/membersclub/ I’m excited to work with you and your property portfolio!

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