Why I’m Throwing Out ‘Busy’ and Why You Should Too!

I’ve had enough of people telling me they are ‘busy’, what on earth does it even mean. Traditional conversations go like this:

‘Hi, how are you?’

‘I’m good thanks, busy…’

‘Good busy or bad busy?’

It’s an absolute non-conversation, but something that I regularly seemed to be having. I realised that I when I used the word ‘busy’ it was overwhelming me. Mentally I thought ‘OHMYGOSH I cannot cope’. It was also an excuse I would use when I didn’t want to do something, see someone or go out.

This month, I decided to change that and replace the word ‘busy’ with either ‘No I don’t want to do that’ or simply setting myself only the tasks that I need to complete. It’s about honesty… there are always things that I think I need to do, but what makes my world turn?

I started off by getting rid of meetings that would take up my time, instead switching them for a phone call or a simple email setting out what I was expecting and being honest about whether that person wanted to work with me.

I then made a rule with my business partners that if they wanted work to be done, they would have to sit with me and do it with me. No longer am I do everything on my own, if there is a working relationship, we work together.

I also made a list of everything that I needed to do in my business, looked at the aims and outcomes that was behind the task. If it no longer made sense I cut it.

I then chose to switch activities for those that fill me up, speaking events, networking events that I host, more wellbeing seminars, chatting with clients…

The best thing about this is, is that I am no longer busy, I am doing. I am enjoying what I do and I have time to relax, go on 2 hour walks with my dog, have a lunch break, go out for a glass of wine with friends and I don’t feel guilty that I haven’t done something.

It’s been a learning curve in saying no and prioritising, putting myself first and looking after my family, friends and clients. Best of all it gives me my time back, let’s me see my happiness, notice the small things and bask in the glory of doing nothing, or flowing through a yoga sequence. I’m back in control of my life and loving every minute.

If you’ve been feeling out of sync, check how you are using the word ‘busy’. Why are you so busy, do you actually need to be? What is it stopping you from doing?

If it’s holding you back from your property journey, then it shouldn’t be. You can be a wildly successful property investor by just spending 15 mins a day being efficient with your progress. Does this interest you? Well the Members Club is your place to be… 

I challenge you to find your happiness and efficiency say goodbye to Busy, this will turn your life upside-down!



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