If you’ve skipped a pre-check out inspection before, or have no idea what it is… then you are going to need to make sure you get this in the diary.


One of my tenants has just served notice… and strangely suggested that it wouldn’t take me any longer than 10 days to get the flat back in order.


Well, if that doesn’t set alarm bells ringing, then I have no idea what does!


I’d also just heard from a neighbour that this tenant had also had a dog in occupation, due to the loud barking. So of course, I had to go and take a look… because this flat was one I’d renovated last year.


Now, you may realise that I’m not always in the country. That’s correct. However, when I am, I want to see what’s going on. And this time I happened to be in the country 3 weeks before this tenant leaves.


So I went and had a look. The tenant had told me she had left it sparkly and clean and that the dog had gone.


When I arrived, yes the dog had gone. But there were wee stains on the carpet, paw prints on the wall and the sofa and the coffee table had been torn apart.


I’m not sentimental… as long as the furniture is functional and clean I’m happy. But this was not.


I went round the flat, checking walls, skirting boards, furniture. Moving items, just to make sure everything else was fine. I took pictures and notes.


The tenant had decided not to be at the flat last minute, but I was insistent the inspection still went ahead.


Next, I got a quote for cleaning and the replacement of these items and costed it up. I sent the pictures through to the tenant of what I expected to be cleaned and replaced… the images and links to products I expected the current furniture to be replaced with or a cost that would be deducted from the deposit… provided everything else stayed the same.


30 mins later, the tenant responded… OK I’ll replace it for you.


If it happens, it’s a good result. If it doesn’t, we both know how much I’ll be deducting.


This is why a pre-check out inspection is VITAL. It gives the tenant a change to rectify any problems and a chance for the price to be agreed ahead of time… so there’s no nasty surprises and everything is amicable.


Of course, she doesn’t do it, and I have her deposit and a record of what we agreed
(thanks WhatsApp).


This is something I never ever miss, and you shouldn’t either. Go and look at the condition of your property and act. It’s the fastest way to get a lettable property after one tenant leaves.


Are you now going to do pre-check out inspections? Let me know in the comments section below!


I also want to hear from you: What is the one thing you struggle with being a landlord? Let me know and I will create more content specifically suited to you!

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