If you’ve been following along with me over Christmas and New Year you will know that I’ve spent a month travelling Australia. Ooohhh yeah!! Summer down under has definitely been what I needed it to be.

Sun, sea, sand, cruising around on boats and buggies. Good food, good drink. Catching up with old friends, meeting new friends. Walking for hours, loads of pics.

Every single time I head off travelling (which is a lot I know!) I challenge myself to learn a new skill. This time was absolutely no different… Manly Beach, Sydney, I learnt to surf!

I paddle board, I ski… this was completely different. I’m scared of big waves, hate the thought of sharks (although as long as I can see where they are it’s calming) and am terrified of jellyfish. But on this occasion I thought I would brave it and see what happened.

I’m a firm believer of pushing my comfort zone. I want to learn new things so that I can decide if it’s for me. Usually the scariest part of doing anything new is rocking up the first time.

Do you get that feeling? The awful nerves in the pit of your stomach. Worrying if you aren’t in the right place. What will happen if you get it wrong. Hopefully something will come up so you can’t go… Basically it’s yourself trying to get yourself out of an uncomfortable situation.

Usually, I feel that way throughout the most of the first time of trying. Surfing it was having the courage to actually catch the wave in the first place. Once on the board, I could get up and fall off, no issue. But catching the right wave, now that I needed constant help with… I hate that jumping on the board only to get tossed off a few seconds later because you’ve been flipped for facing anything other than straight onto the beach. Luckily, there were some great instructors there who were more than happy to help me line up against a wave so that I could push off and actually surf. Every single time I waded back out, they were there with encouraging words, or simply a thumbs up.

Now this is where the ACCELLERATING YOUR PROPERTY JOURNEY comes in. I’ve always wanted my clients to feel safe in my services. I am that person who puts you back on your board, makes sure you are lined up right and pushes you in the right direction. Hey, if you come off then so what, let’s go again. I get that people come to me, fearful of the unknown… but putting myself in those awkward situations means that I understand how it feels and what puts me at ease.

So this is where NC Real Estate shines. I understand that to accelerate your property journey you are going to have to try, try and try again. It’s hard… seriously it is, or everyone would be doing it. And, it takes time… buying a property doesn’t just happen overnight. You’ve got to put time and money in and make sure that your ‘dream team’ is working for you.

But, I also feel strongly that being here with open arms, a thumbs up whenever you are doing good, words of reassurance and that constant support whenever you need pointing in the right direction means that you will succeed. All you need is the determination to try.

Going back to my surfing experience. Well I did stand up and surf a wave (the picture tells the tale). It was horrendously uncomfortable constantly being thrown under water AND I didn’t yet manage to catch that perfect wave on my own… but I sure as hell put myself out there and tried. I wouldn’t be opposed to going again… however I think next time I’ll try it on my paddleboard so that when I’m not in the thick of the waves I can bob around behind them! Ahh the best of both worlds.

I’m not ever going to stop putting myself in difficult situations so that I can try something new. Being a property investor and having a successful portfolio and business allows me these opportunities… and I definitely had to put myself in some difficult situations to get where I am today! It also means that I get to give my clients the best possible experience. I know when you come to me you are out of your comfort zone, but trust me, once you are in you are never going to look back!

What are you going to try that you may find uncomfortable starting out? Are you prepared to fail before you succeed to make sure you get the best out of life? Let me know in the comments section below.

Believe you can do anything… then all you’ve got to do is give it a try!


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