Why you can have lower rental income with longer term mortgage products? Plus other BTL lending questions. (With Josh Hayseldon from the Mortgage Advice Bureau)

Happy Tuesday!

This week I chat to Josh Hayseldon from the Mortgage Advice Bureau about all things mortgage!

Listen to the full podcast here.

This is a super meaty podcast, so make sure you have your “listening” ears on.

Josh and I chat about both the sellers and buyers market. In general, we chat about the trends in the market right now. But we also get into the nitty-gritty details about interest rates, strict lenders, and stress tests- among a whole lot of other very useful info.

As a guide, I have noted some of the topics and the times you at which you will find them in the podcast. It’s only a sneak peek- so I would recommend that you listen to the whole podcast to really get a full understanding of the subject.

What can you expect in this week’s podcast? Check out some of the subjects below: 

  • [01:20] Our guest, Josh Hayseldon from the Mortgage Advice Bureau introduces himself and explains what he does.
  • [02:03] Are mortgages easy to get right now? Josh feels it’s a good time! Listen here to find out why he is so positive about it.
  • [04:47] The Stress Test. If you haven’t heard about this before, or you want to find out more, listen here! It’s a pretty big obstacle, especially for BTL lending.
  • [07:47] Here we chat about why one can have a lower rental income with longer term mortgage products.
  • [11:19] There are so many great lending products out there at the moment. Josh explains some of the best… From fixed to tracker, to variable.
  • [14:07] Re-mortgages!
  • [17:30] Loan to value. Josh gives his take on what investors should start with.
  • [20:50] STRATEGY! One of the main things lender want to know, is what you intend on doing with the property and what options have you got for re-payment.
  • [25:32] Are interest rates going to go up? The forecast is positive for mid-year 2020.
  • [27:15] We all want to know more about pitfalls when lenders are considering getting a new BTL mortgage. We chat about tax implications and stamp duty…
  • [29.32] We chat about Serviced Accommodation and what you need to know about getting a mortgage for this type of property

Thank you to my guest speaker Josh Hayseldon. That was a truly great interview and I know that my listeners are simply going to love delving into the info here.

Head over here to listen to the full podcast.

Or, if you want to watch a sneak peek, I’ve added a 10-minute segment below. Do listen to the pod if you want to get the “full picture”.

Let me know in the comments section below what your key takeaways are. Are you ready and excited?