Why You Need To ‘Play’ With Property Investment

I was in a yoga class when something revolutionary happened… the teacher said ‘today I want your intention to be focused on playing with the poses’.

I thought to myself ‘Hell yes, I’m down!!’ and so I followed the poses in my own way… the result a deeper child’s pose, an actual attempt at twisting using a strap (I let go of the embarrassment that no one else was using a strap and just went for it) and a super controlled come down from a headstand (usually I fall out trying hard not to kick someone else).

Whilst shavasana’ing (the lying in corpse pose at the end) it hit me… why don’t we play with property investment more!!

There’s no reason not to do this… get creative with your interiors. Buy a property you wouldn’t usually look at. Get inspired to buy in an unusual location.

Why do you need to follow what other people are doing, if doing it your way makes you feel happier, more fulfilled and ultimately brings you joy?

There is always the temptation to follow what someone else is doing because they have so much perceived success. However, you might get there and realise that it’s just not for you.

This is what I thought with NC Real Estate. I wanted to have my own firm of surveyors, but boy I could not imagine having a boring office with clients who aren’t really that interested, just want to pay money to get their properties off their plate. I wanted diversity, I wanted to talk to people who had passion for their properties, I wanted to help them become even better and I wanted to reach anyone, anywhere. 

That’s why NC Real Estate is an online firm of surveyors. It’s a place for all Landlords and Property Investors. It’s a place where my clients get to explore and ‘play’ with properties. How exciting is that?

So if you are ready to have a good ‘play’, get adventurous, try new things with your property journey. Now’s the time. I give you permission. And if you want a safe space to do it in, then come and joint the Members Club, I’m right here to support you.