‘You cannot time the market’

If you didn’t see it yet, this week I put out the first in my four part NC Real Estate workshop Series Your Passion Project. You can watch it HERE.

The key message I want you to take away from it is: For property investment to work for you, you’ve got to put in the time and effort AND you need to be planning for the future as well as today otherwise you won’t get that security that you need at want.

Let me take it one step further and give you another tip of advice from a mentor of mine:

You cannot time the market

It’s super easy to think: ‘if only I had invested then I could have…’

Or, ‘Bloody hell, the market is dropping better get out before…’

Maybe, even ‘This area looks like its taking off, I’m going to switch all of my assets to…’

(Fill … with whatever bandwagon you shoulda’ woulda’ coulda’ jump(ed) on)

When actually, we’ve got to be investing for the long term. Risk proofing our portfolio’s so that it is secure AND working with the market we’re in now to ride on the benefits and overcome the negatives.

Then, not sitting on our laurels and acting like nothing’s going to change. Time passing = change happening. So we need to keep up. Pay down on your mortgage, secure good interest rates, keep your property in tip top condition, always check rental income and the property’s value.

Keeping your head in the game means you will survive what change throws at you.

Be in the property game for the long run and it will provide you with what you need.

Watch out this week because I’ve got parts 2, 3 and 4 from the NC Real Estate workshop coming your way.

Finally, Saturday 3rd August at 3pm UK time I’m hosting a live webinar ‘Supercharge Your Property Investment Journey in 2019’. If you want in,CLICK THIS LINKto sign up!