Here’s a very big thought for you – your properties = your brand.

Your Brand

I class your brand as being your business identity. It’s everything you put out into the world in a business capacity. It reflects you, who you are, what you do, your beliefs, your morals and ethics. Basically, everything.

So my brand is my website, my twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linked In presence, my work ethic, my morals and how I treat others (that’s everyone, friends, family, colleagues, clients) and the work I put out into the world including my properties.

My properties reflect who I am, what I care about, how I want to treat the people who stay in them. They are maintained to my personal standard and perform how I want them to perform. I want people to see my brand through my properties and get a feeling for the pride I have for everything I do. This in turn promotes me as a successful brand and really builds my business in a strong way.

I love what I do and I hope that everyone sees it (if you don’t please drop me an email lets arrange chat so you can hear it properly). Furthermore I am proud of everything I put out.

Your Properties

So, I wanted to make this point: as a property entrepreneur every single little thing counts and I would hope that if you are in the same boat you agree with me. Providing someone else with a home is something not to be taken lightly, it’s huge, you are changing someones life. Providing a place where someone is going to have life changing experiences. And so you’ve got to think of your brand when providing someone the space to live. How does it reflect on you, does it represent you and all your finery?

Bring a rental into the world which is a great, safe place to live. Deck it out as if was going to be yours, have pride, make it stand out as your brand. You’re selling yourself, make your tenants repeat clients. You never know as your portfolio expands and your tenants family expands you might be able to help in the future….!

So what do you think of ‘Your Properties = Your Brand’? So true? Let me know in the comments below. Moreover do one better, post pics of the awesome properties you put on the market that reflect your brand. I’d love to see them. (To see my own personal brand favourite, click the Air BnB link on your right… it’s a lil bit of me down in Bath).


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