As we reflect on the first quarter of the year, many of us are frustrated by the lack of success in getting our offers accepted on commercial properties. To address this issue, let’s examine seven reasons you’re not getting offers accepted on commercial property because your offer isn’t being pitched properly:

Lack of Interest

If you’re not receiving positive feedback or interest from sellers or agents after submitting your offer, it could mean that your pitch isn’t resonating with them. Ensure your offer demonstrates confidence in your ability to follow through.

Low Number of Counter Offers

Consistent rejections without counter offers suggest that sellers don’t see the value in your proposition. Justify your offer with evidence and be prepared to negotiate.

Offer Rejected Without Explanation

Outright rejections without feedback indicate that your offer lacks compelling elements. Provide detailed reasoning to support your offer.

No Follow-Up Communication

A lack of follow-up communication may imply that sellers or agents don’t see potential in working with you further. Reach out to understand the status of your offer.

Difficulty in Scheduling

Challenges in scheduling meetings or inspections may stem from perceived disorganisation or concerns about your seriousness as a buyer. Be proactive and communicate your intentions clearly.

Offers Ignored or Forgotten

If your offers seem ignored or forgotten, it suggests that your pitch hasn’t left a memorable impression. Ensure your offer addresses the seller’s needs adequately.

Comparable Properties Selling Faster

If similar properties are selling faster while your offers languish, it may signal a need to adjust your approach to align with market expectations. Avoid low-ball offers and focus on making informed offers backed by research.

By addressing these signs and implementing the advice provided, you can increase your chances of getting your offers accepted on commercial properties.

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