Bridging the Void

For most property investors the likelihood is that after you have brought your buy-to-let there will be a period of time between having a ready to go property and tenants moving in – this period is the void and you will be solely responsible for the property during this time and it can get expensive!

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Managing Your Own Property

Managing properties can be rewarding and can save costs on agency fees, however it can also be very time consuming and leave your frustrated – therefore I have compiled some tips and tricks on how best to manage your properties. I’m going to be very open with you, I am a property manager and chartered…

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Harrow Road: London

The remit here was to find a first investment property in London which would be first used for owner occupation and then switched to a buy-to-let mortgage to help fund future investments: Location: Harrow Road, London, W9 Purchase Price: £200,000 + £200 for furniture (25% deposit) Monthly Expenditure: £450 mortgage + £100 service charge Monthly…

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