How to Retire in 19 Years

I really hate to burst your bubble, but within the next 10 years, the retirement age is going up to 67 for both men and women. Are you really looking forward to working for that extra 2 years… that’s an extra 4,032 hours if you take into account you are roughly working 42 hours a…

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The Problem with Money Down

I’m always always asked for ‘no money down’ strategies. Let me tell you from the outset I definitely don’t believe in them! However… let me explain what you can do instead in this podcast! Click here to download the Property Portfolio Expansion Success Formula FLOWCHART: You can listen to the podcast here! Videos will…

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Are you saving?

I think I’ve mentioned this a bazillion times… I’ve never been a saver. Until I turned 30 and hated that gut wrenching, “Oh My Freaking Goodness… Natasha Collins you’ve spent all of your monthly money AGAIN.” It’s a feeling I hated. However, I have always let myself off the hook with ‘you’re living in the…

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