Property Investment Mastery – 7 Day Success Summit – Are you in?

You guys must know by now that when I put my mind to something, I make sure that everything I have got goes into a project.  That’s why I’m so excited that today I can announce, one of the most incredible resources that I have available… The Property Investment Mastery 7 Day Success Summit. That’s […]

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comparable evidence, mortgage value, challenge

Comparable Evidence And It’s Role in Your Mortgage Valuation

Hi Property Investment Lovers! I have something really awesome to share with you today- it’s been a subject we are discussing over at the booming Property Investment Mastery Group. And to mix things up, I thought I’d put the topic of Comparable Evidence And It’s Role in Your Mortgage Valuation into a nifty Challenge format. Why […]

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A Lecturer With Passion! {It’s time to get INSPIRED}

A Lecturer with Passion! For those of you that don’t know, I’m also a University lecturer with the University College of Estate Management (UCEM)! It’s a role that I’m enjoying greatly, I teach the undergraduate and masters level modules in Property Management. What’s even more awesome is that I get to fit it in around […]

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rise of austerity

The Rise of Austerity?

I’ve never before REALLY looked into the term ‘austerity’. It’s a term that seems to be banded about every time something bad happens or there’s a general election. When terms are seemingly used for everything I switch off…I assume the person talking about it generally doesn’t know what it is either. Naïve or not, I […]

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online academy, worldwide community

Online Academy = Worldwide Community

I’m sat here right now proud, nervous, excited yet chilled. It’s a mix of feelings which makes me ultimately feel deeply fulfilled. And at the forefront of my mind is why my new Online Academy is really just a Worldwide Community… I’ve been searching the property industry for a while now trying to figure out […]

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Fury over fire safety

Fury Over Fire Safety

Fury Over Fire Safety…and for good reason My fury over fire safety is increasing a thousand fold. The terrible events at Grenfell Tower last week should not have happened. A tower block going up in flames so quickly, without compartmentalised common parts stopping it spreading and no fire safety apparatus available to get ALL residents […]

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