Holistic Property Management is something NC Real Estate is pioneering. I am a firm believer that Landlords and Investors need to be overhauling the way in which property is managed.

Definition of Holistic Property Management

Putting tenants first. Maintaining and caring for property to provide tenants with a safe, comfortable home. This strategy will improve the landlord and tenant relationship, promote better standards within the rental sector, as well as increase cash flow for landlords as tenants enjoy paying for the quality of accommodation and the premium level of service.

What Needs to Change

I no longer want to see property being handed over to managing agents without a care. Then just left to do ‘whatever’ meanwhile getting some sort of cash flow.

I don’t want to hear tenants complaining that their landlord isn’t responding to them, resolving problems, or scared that their landlord is going to fine them for something. Furthermore, I DO NOT want to see such bad press about landlords, its unnecessary and can be changed very easily.

The Future of Property Management

Landlords will use great care when renting out a property and will be interested in their tenants standard of living. They will want to maintain and look after their properties and have good relationship with their tenants.

Landlords will be looking after their properties as a business and their tenants as their clients.

Finally, Landlords will be proud of the rental sector. It will make them a living, but in turn they will give back.

I do not want to stop any landlord or investor from making money, as I have said, buy to let is a business. However, I want to see the standards that they are operating in improve and How to Manage Your Property Portfolio in 15 Mins a Day will allow Landlords to do that.


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