I hope you had a good bank holiday weekend?

It’s been one of reflection for me… after a fabulous week opening the Members Club last week and welcoming so many new Members into my community, I’ve had a weekend of watching Netflix, finishing off some epic books and catching up on downtime.

I’ve been putting out so many interviews with property experts on the podcast recently, it’s been incredibly inspiring… however this week I’m doing things differently.

I thought it was high time I let you into our bubble that we have going on here in our apartment. So Chris (my husband) and I have been working from home together since the 10th March, lockdown really came into force on the 16th March and we’ve been figuring out the new dynamic within our family.

Spoiler alert… we’ve handled this much better than I thought we were.

Come and join us as we talk through what we’ve been doing over the past couple of months, how we’ve handled the highs and the lows and what we’ve learnt so far.

It’s a little bit of fun AND my usually private husband wanted to come and have a chat.

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How have you been handling lockdown?



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