I wanted to share something with you! It’s not always work work work – sometimes the pretty dresses come out along with the selfies in gorgeous places.

This event was no different.

The RICS Matrics Summer Ball happened at the Tower Guoman Hotel, Tower Bridge and it was a pretty damned good evening. I got to eat, drink and dance with some of my awe inspiring friends from around the property industry.

Yes I say awe inspiring because they do some of the most incredible jobs, construction, valuations, corporate property management – honestly it’s always a pleasure to catch up and find out what’s been going on.

For all of you who are now wondering what the RICS Matrics is, well it’s the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors subsection which is full of young surveyors, whether qualified or in the early stages of training.

Members go to different sub-section committees depending on what their interests are. I go to the University and Schools Liaison committee where we look to get the next generation involved with surveying in as many initiative ways as we can!

(If you want to know more email me and I’ll get you along to the next meeting natasha@ncrealestate.co.uk)

The Ball was a celebration of what’s been going on throughout the year – it’s so important to do this because it keeps spirits up (and you network without knowing it!!).

I wanted to share this with you guys as nothing should be solid work, if you get to go out and party, then take it with open arms after all what else are you working for?


P.S here are some beautiful selfies, because a gal gotta take them on a night out!! And you have to see how much fun we all have so that if you are interested in joining you will take me up on my offer and come along to the next event.