TaskRabbit has been on my radar for a little while because my friends have started dabbling in it, I also see it splashed across billboards and tube escalators so it’s caught my attention. If you haven’t heard about it it’s an app or an online space where you can hire someone to come and help you out with all your small tasks.

I have used TaskRabbit once before, when I needed my wardrobe overhauled. I had so many clothes that I never used and were clogging up my closet. So, I hired a Tasker to come over and sort it out so that I couldn’t get precious and start stashing things. It worked like a dream and for £30 I had a manageable wardrobe.

This week I’ve had a problem in one of my rentals that a fuse blew in a shower. As my usual 2 electricians were busy I decided the best solution would be to hire a trusted Tasker, who advertised that he was a qualified electrician. I booked on a Sunday night for 10am the next Monday morning, sending across the video my tenants had sent plus pictures of the shower and the fuse.

As promised, the Tasker was diligent with keeping me updated with ETA and did arrival roughly on time (15 mins late, but I’d been warned and updated my tenants accordingly). Once there he proceeded to look at the electrics, worked out that it was actually the shower and left with promises of letting me know what the problem was and what I could do about it. As the Tasker had had to turn up I’d had to pay my £67.84 as agreed, because I couldn’t dispute that he hadn’t been…

However, that was the end of the story. Despite chasing I didn’t get an update, with the Tasker claiming he was ‘busy’ and would get back to me later. I was disappointed, and my poor tenants still without a shower.

In the end I had to solve the problem by using my original electrician who now had availability and could do the job well.

So, would I use TaskRabbit for an electrician’s service again. No probably not, lesson learnt for me (and £67.84 out of pocket… although hey it will go on my expenses!) about using my own pro’s who I trust.

However, I can imagine if you need a curtain rail hung or a TV mounted it would be ideal, something that the Tasker can turn up and literally do there and then… just make sure that you have all the materials so that they don’t need to go and come back! Otherwise chances are that the hour you paid for will be used up before you know it and getting the Tasker back out will be another laborious process!

Choose your contractors wisely…


P.S I’m always looking for new services to try to increase efficiency and make the management process simpler. If you have any recommendations email me Natasha@ncrealestate.co.uk and I will give it a try!

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