I always said I would NEVER go back to University… BUT…

If you didn’t already know, I am now a lecturer for the University College of Estate Management. I lecture undergraduate and postgraduate (Degree and Masters Level) student’s on property management and commercial property management.

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Going back to University? This time as a lecturer of property management and commercial property management

It’s something that I am SUPER SUPER excited about because it really complements the service that I offer through NC Real Estate. AND, I only got the job because of the AWESOME job I do for our clients at NC Real Estate, the pair go hand in hand.

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I really love to impart my knowledge and experience I’ve gained in the Property Industry.

I love to teach and I love to pass on my skills and knowledge and even more than that I enjoy delivering info in a fun and exciting way, because that’s exactly how learning should be!

And the discussion that happens afterwards sets my heart on fire.

Understanding what others have taken from the topic, knowing how they feel and then talking it through with them makes me feel alive and so proud that I have added to their knowledge… so yea, teaching is basically my thing.

As well as this I commit to continuously learning about the property industry. Standards are always updated and no one property is ever the same so I actively still buy and develop property and make sure I read and devour as much new info as possible so that I can pass it onto my students. It’s a pattern I’ve been in for years and will continue for years to come.

How do I take it all on?

I know that there has been A LOT of speculation about how I handle everything that I take on… well, I lecture on a Tuesday and Wednesday and the rest of the time is dedicated to my clients at NC Real Estate. It’s a super healthy balance and means that I can dedicate the RIGHT amount of time to all of my students.

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How do I manage it? It’s all about balance. And of course having enough passion to carry me through anything

More than that, we are selective at NC Real Estate we only take on a maximum of 12 clients a month and serve them with everything we’ve got. The whole team work for YOU our clients and make sure that we are providing nothing but the best.

NC Real Estate’s programs are university quality (they wouldn’t be anything less!) and I am proud that we deliver them, because it means that Landlords and Investors who don’t have the time for a full university degree can get the important stuff wrapped up into 8 weeks and still get a lecturer who cares so deeply about YOUR progress and will be with you every step of the way.

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Turning your knowledge into a successful and powerful means to a sustainable career. #fortheloveofproperty


Even more than that YOU GET THE INFORMATION THAT WILL MAKE YOU A SUCCESSFUL INVESTOR and that’s all that matters, turn your awesome knowledge into money in the form of property, it’s what you need and what you need to be good at in order to succeed.

I am so proud to be a university lecturer and also a coach to my awesome clients. No matter the student I am ALWAYS proud of their progress and love championing the journey, it’s what I’m here for.

If you are interested in finding more out about NC Real Estate’s programs, click the link RIGHT HERE!