Surveyors are tasked with the job of delivering economic, social and environmental value for the worlds assets, and I’m going to say that we do this well.

Whereas people usually think that standard property professionals are after money first, clients second and the welfare of the properties they are working for third. It’s simply not true here, surveyors go above and beyond to protect the built environment to maintain its sustainability going forward.

We are experts in strategy, returning assets to peak performance and looking after both our clients and their properties interests as number one. 

For me personally I love the negotiation, I love changing an asset into something exciting. Making sure I’ve found the perfect tenant, got the perfect rent and maintained the building to the best standard.

Even more than that, I absolutely love it when my clients smash their goals and then go onto do one better. I thrive of buildings running well and I absolutely relish the opportunity of taking on a development and producing something that works well in the surrounding environment.

Again, I have to repeat it, it’s not a standard that is seen across the industry. If you are reading this I want you to consider the whole picture, what can you bring to the property industry that will mean it’s built to last, rather than put a few extra measly pounds in your pocket.

As with any job, I believe wholeheartedly that your purpose should be to make the lives of other people better. Whether that’s encouraging their success, giving them a safe place to live or building properties that are going to support the planet going forward.

I get to do this daily… it makes being a surveyor wholly worthwhile.

That’s why with the Members’ Club I don’t just teach you how to be a property investor. I teach you how to do property the surveyor way… feel empowered to do more, make the built environment awesome and use the tools in there to up level your success… it’s my incredible service to you, I want you to have it!

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