Confidence failure is the natural goal killer of property investors. You know why? Well, when things start going wrong within a portfolio, Landlords start to doubt themselves. They question whether they actually know what they are doing, whether they are good enough to continue along their path, whether they will actually manage the stresses and strains of running a portfolio.

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Confidence failure is the natural goal killer of property investors


It stops them dead in their tracks, it makes them bury their heads and not look up until it’s too late. Dreams fade into the background and normal life resumes. Is this you?


If it is, don’t worry it’s not life threatening, it’s just a very simple case of confidence failure. I see it a lot with my clients. When they come to me, there isn’t only knowledge missing they have lost their shine somewhere along the way.

I have 3 VERY SIMPLE techniques that can really help with this situation:

  1. Change your beliefs – if you feel like property investment is hard, stressful, time consuming and just a lot of hassle then that’s exactly what it will be for you. It’s time to change this up and ask yourself ‘what is really true?’. You know that it’s not difficult for everyone, and you know there is a lot of people out there who love it (Hello, me for example!) so start surrounding yourself in the positive side of the industry and commit to the journey and start asking questions to get yourself back on your path. This simple technique of changing your beliefs can work wonders to completely changing your attitude and bringing back your confidence.

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    It’s not unusual for you to loose confidence from time to time, trust me, there is always a way to get your light back

  2. CELEBRATE – You wanted to be a Landlord, and guess what you are one, RIGHT HERE and now! Be proud of your journey up until now, celebrate your successes. You got it in the bag. Commit from here on out to celebrating every single little step you take on this property journey as you are in it long term (short term just doesn’t cut it!)… yes celebrate even when you simply choose to change your beliefs. Your confidence will soar as you regain the fun side of property investing.
  3. Get the right knowledge – To be confident you need KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS that are usable for you. You DO NOT need crazy schemes which involve you taking out ridiculous loans and over-mortgaging, taking silly risks. You need a sustainable strategy which works for you no matter what. After all, you are a Landlord already, you just need to grow and expand that title! Find a service who offers you what you need. If you want more than a program, rather all the info you could want on tap AND a surveyor in your pocket, or at the end of WhatsApp for when you have a thought or are in a meeting and want back up, then I’m your girl right here! Knowledge is key to confidence, you need to make sure you get that right and things will start really working for you.

So there they are. My 3 SIMPLE strategies for getting over confidence failure… easy hey!

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Yes! This is how you want to feel! So, take my advice and try out some of the tools I’ve provided in today’s blog


Start working on this to really get your properties moving and shaking… seriously, these 3 tools make all the difference. With confidence you become unstoppable!

Try each out and then I want to hear from you, what really gives your confidence that kick you need to constantly achieve success? Comment below, I love to hear from you!


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