4 Steps To Take If You Can’t Afford Property In Your Local Area

 There are so many people who say to me, “Natasha I just can’t afford to buy it, my local area”.

I want you to give you some top tips for what you can do instead.


The first one is to expand your search – 10 to 15 miles.


It’s actually not that far away from where you’re looking right now. Chances are you can find some cute little town or somewhere you’ve completely never thought about and you can get a bargain for the amount of money that you’ve got. So, when we were looking on Right Move, simply expand the area.

The other thing that you, can do is when you are driving through places that you don’t really know too much about, get the Right Move app up on your phone and just do such near me. It will search all the properties within your price range near the area that you’re in right now. That can give you some really great inspiration.


Number two, look at auctions!


At the moment, there’s a lot of properties hanging around on auction websites that just haven’t been sold. You can pick yourself up a bargain. You can negotiate the price on and you can buy it pretty quickly as well.


Number three, put in a low ball offer and leave it on the market.


So, what I’m talking is basically if you see a property that you like but you feel that it’s slightly overpriced, you can still go and view the property and then put a low ball offer on the table. That can be 20 to 30% lower if you want or even more. Just say to the agent, I am going to leave this on the table and it’s open for the vendor to accept whenever they want.

Of course, if you then go and find something else, make sure you take the offer off the table!


Finally, why not look at buying a renovation project?


Yes, you can get these pretty cheaply if they’re in a real poor state of repair. Then you can go in there and put your loving stamp on it. It can look exactly how you want it to! The discounts are often big, and if you’re getting them in your local area, you should know about the market.

Always keep an eye on what the market is doing so that you know that you are bagging yourself a bargain if you’re offering low.


So those are my top tips and you may think, oh, Natasha, I thought about this, but seriously, use the tool where you can go and have a look around outside your local area. So what, 10 to 15 miles out, even 20 – push it, change the area and you might find yourself a little gem.


Those are my biggest tips, and that’s how you learn to find something that you can afford.


Has this been useful for you? If so, leave a comment below and let me know what your key takeaways are.


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