Book Review: Sarah Knights’ Calm the F*ck Down

When I come back to the UK, I LOVE picking up a good book… or a few. Mainly because they are so much cheaper to buy in the UK than the US.


This week I just finished reading Sarah Knights’ Calm the F*ck Down. This is an aeroplane read… every time I fly to a new continent I always seem to have one of Sarah’s books tucked under my arm.


I loved this book because it spoke directly to my heart as someone who suffers with anxiety.


I can worry about the trivial and thrive in the crazy situations. This book gave me a chance to reflect on how I handle situations.


When something I wasn’t expecting happens the first thing I do is freak out. Think it’s the worst thing that ever happened and then lose my mind at Chris.


In this book Sarah explains how to change the thought pattern behind this, from ‘oh my gosh everything is going horrendously wrong’ to ‘here’s what I can do now to make it right and if I can’t do something right now, here’s why I shouldn’t waste my energy worrying, when I can do other more productive things’.


Simply, it’s a good reminder not to get lost in my obsessive thoughts and actually stay in the present.


I’m not good with abbreviations, so the shortening of words wasn’t particularly helpful. I had to go back through and keep reminding myself what terms meant.


However, the sentiment was right there. Natasha Collins, freak out last. Do everything you can do about a situation first. So now I need to read this every month so that the ideas stick haha!


If you need a holiday read or a life affirming book, then this book is for you!


It’s written in the funny kind of sarcastic humour that I like. It’s a light-hearted way of saying ‘Calm the f*ck down’, which I rather appreciated!


If you need good humoured, yet direct, help with your obsessive worries or anxieties, then this book is for you! You can pick up your own copy right here!



Let me know how you find it! Is this a book for you? If you’ve got any great recommendations comment below! I’m always looking for new books to read.




P.S Are book recommendations the sort of content you enjoy? Let me know and I will do more, because I’m always reading books!


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