Finance is one of the most common things I’m asked about… because the fear is, it’s just not easy to get!

It’s also the thing that stops would be property investors in their tracks, or makes them scared they will never progress.

So this week, on the podcast, we’re myth busting!

I’ve invited Alice Williams who’s head of property at Pilot Fish to come and chat to me about alternative finance options and answer some of your questions!

Here’s the questions we discuss:

* What are the banking rules and regulations that property investors need to be aware of?

* What are the different finance options available outside of the traditional mortgage route and how would you get access to them?

* When you’ve got a portfolio with a large mortgage, what is the shortest route to de-leveraging and reducing debt.

* Would you use different options for a development or a flip?

* Can you ever get 100% finance for a property deal and how does that happen?

* What is the biggest error someone can make when they go and try to get finance?

* Securing finance, in my case i have an interest only mortgage with RBS which reaches the end of its term in a year from now when I hit 70, and it appears that lenders aren’t interested in remortgaging lower valued properties for portfolio landlords, and basically, I have to find 50k or get repossessed

This is a podcast not to be missed!

If you want to watch a snippet of our conversation:

To listen to the whole conversation via the podcast, CLICK HERE

Now, I want to hear from you, what are your key takeaways from this weeks podcast?


P.S If you want to contact Alice directly: / 07467 527594 Instagram @propertyalice


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