Today, I’m very excited, I’ve got Tej Singh from the awesome podcast “Tej Talks” with me. He’s a property investor, host of the Knightsbridge PPN event and personal branding expert. Tej has purchased 14 houses in 8 months, raised £538,000 of investment finance, Podcast has 265,000 listens in 90+ countries after 15 months.

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Listen to the full podcast here: https://anchor.fm/the-nc-podcast

Questions I ask Tej, and the timestamps where you can find the exact info you’re looking for: 

  • [00:00-14:00] Catching up on the Covid-19 situation in the UK.
  • [14:21] Firstly, for anyone who hasn’t come across you before, what is your investment strategy and where do you invest?
  • [17:52] Persistence is a HUGE skill in the property industry. I was listening to your podcast from November where you said that you put in 115 offers after around 140 viewings and had only 4 of those offers accepted… a lot of investors will be thinking, ‘how on earth did he find that many deals’, how did you find so many deals? Why did you decide to put in that many offers? How did you find the time to analyse all of those deals? Has the profit you’ve made from those deals outweighed the time spent on the viewings?
  • [25:20] You use bridging as a finance option, how long do you bridge for? What interest rates are you paying? How have you found bridging lenders as a whole?
  • [28:44] You also use investors, how are you finding your investors? Do you find the deal first or the investor first?
  • [31:24] How do you trust that investors are going to lend you the money on time and aren’t going to mess you around during the loan period?
  • [35:38] What advice would you give to anyone who is just starting out, what pitfalls do they need to avoid?
  • [39:06] How do you know if a deal stacks up? What makes a good investment for you?
  • [41:56] How did you choose the ‘right’ area to invest in?
  • >>>Questions from the Facebook Group<<<
  • [45:29] How did you choose The Priority to Focus on? In which order Brand / Marketing / Property / Podcast / JVs?
  • [46:51] Who have been your mentors?
  • [47:29] What similarities are there between our (Tej and my own) property journeys?
  • [52:45] What’s been the influence of Aren Deu on you?
  • [54:02] Is your experience of property what you thought it would be or what others told you it would be?
  • [55:55] Do you both think a JV opportunity could arise between us (Tej and I)?
  • [56:15] Will you come onto a podcast with your mum (and I’ll bring mine) so that they can share their experiences?
  • [56:38] What’s been your most rewarding experiences since leaving your job and how was telling your mum? And what does your mum think of your progress and successes now?
  • [58:02] Do you see the property investment industry changing over the next few years, if so, what do you think will happen?

Listen to the full podcast here: https://anchor.fm/the-nc-podcast

Tej Singh’s BIO:

  • Studied Biochemistry at Kings College London, worked in Pharmaceuticals for a bit. Got fired, started a Recruitment business and ran that over 3.5 years
  • Purchased 14 properties in 8m
  • Investing 2-3 hours from home, have leveraged my network and team to make it work better
  • Portfolio worth £1,300,000
  • Used very little of my own money, raised £538,000 of private finance in 4.5 months
  • Podcast was ranked 15 on iTunes, had 250,000 listens over 15 months in 90+ countries
  • I’ve spoken at various Property events in the UK on branding, social media and my property journey
  • Co-host of PPN Knightsbridge networking event

Find Tej Singh online and on social media here:




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