How do I stop playing small?

How do I stop playing small?

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The one thing that I’ve done that stopped me from playing small is being on social media. I find that if I go out on social media and don’t say what I feel, then I feel like I’m not being who I am.

And actually I’m quite an honest person, very transparent about the things that I do, but also it’s terrifying.

And going out on social media and telling people, Hey, this is how to do things. This is my advice. This is what I know. Having that bravery over the last three years to just keep saying it, and as my audience grows, still going out there and saying it, not everybody’s going to agree, but hey, that’s okay. That belief system around not worrying if someone doesn’t like you because you don’t have to like me, but I am who I am.

If you like me for who I am, then fabulous.

But that’s what’s changed.

And having that belief system means that I’ve stopped playing small and put out exactly how I feel and what I want you to see.