If I could put anything in Room 101 this week, it would be Property Managers who aren’t transparent.

Honesty and clarity are values which make my world go round. Who’s got time for game playing… or for people who pretend they know something but actually don’t?! 

(I see this far too much in the property industry)

This week, I’m high fiving myself 🙌 because I successfully got £14,855.60 refunded back into my buildings service charge account. 

Caveat… this didn’t happen overnight. Oh no, it first started on the 6th October 2020 when we got served our end of year service charge accounts, which demanded that everyone pay an extra £1,499 for the year. 

My initial reaction ‘Why?

Then after an investigation it changed to ‘Hell👏effing👏no, not on my watch!

The property managers had:

  • Duplicated invoices
  • Demanded for works that had been carried out more than 18 months ago that they definitely hadn’t told us about
  • Made mistakes and tried to charge us for it

Oh… and we’d just been through 12 months of leasehold tribunal and so I was in no mood to roll over and leave this be, because:

  1.  I hate my time being wasted
  2. I was fed up of them thinking I was stupid enough not to investigate.
  3. I do like a good service charge investigation 🧐 especially because I do have the memory of an elephant for these types of things

Want to hear how to resolve this if this happens to you? Go listen to the podcast.

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Signing off from, 

The world’s biggest stickler for getting service charges right (Natasha)

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