This week I give you an update on the leasehold tribunal situation AND I just completed on the new flat, YAY! I give you what I’ve learnt from buying a property when I’m not in the country all of the time.

In this podcast, “How to buy a property when you aren’t in the country”, I go through my top tips on how to stay organised and absolutely on top of everything! It does take a bit of work, but with certain processes in place, you’ll manage (as I have!).

Follow these timestamps to places in the podcast that may interest you: 

>>[01:27] Recap on the current going on’s with the Leasehold Disaster (and how to avoid it!). 

>>[04:39] The next thing I’m disputing: Is it reasonable for leaseholders to pay the legal costs for the head leaseholders to get this dispute settled between the head leaseholder and the freeholder? I don’t think so!

>>[06:15] If you’re paying any kind of service charge for your commerical property or long leasehold on residential then you MUST know what your contract says and understand it in detail. 

>>[08:14] GREAT NEWS! I’ve completed on my new flat! 🙂 And I’m thrilled to be hosting the Members’ Club Live event there next week! 

>>[09:51] Buying a property from a distance: 1st tip; Be contactable at all times. 

>>[11:04] 2nd tip: Need to keep an address in the country you are buying your new property. Registered mail need to be sent there, such as bank statements, mobile phone bill etc… In other words, you will need some kind of base. 

>>[12:43] 3rd tip: Your solicitor and mortgage broker needs to have copies of all documents! This is so so useful. 

>>[14:33] 4th tip: Use an online filing system (that’s password protected). Having everything online really helps to keep you organised! 

>>[19:00] Don’t forget you will need someone to go and collect the keys to your new property on the day of completion! (Luckily my dad is around to do that for me). 

>>[20:42] I’m so excited to be going back to the UK next week. I’ll also be meeting with letting agents to get my new property on the market ASAP. 

>>[23:24] Always have someone on the ground that you can trust to Facetime and walk through your property with you (even if it is from the other side of the world). 

So there are a couple of my top tips for buying a property when you are not in the country.

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Listen to the full podcast here to make sure you are staying organised and on top of things at all times!



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