I guarantee that if you are struggling to find the right property the reason will be one or all of the following:

  1. You haven’t set goals and conditions for the right property
  2. You aren’t being targeted enough in your search area
  3. You’ve not spoken to enough agents
  4. You haven’t been to enough viewings
  5. You haven’t made enough offers and negotiated hard enough


If any of the above are true, then you must circle back and do the work.

>>>Today on the podcast I’ve invited Danielle Bell to come and talk to me about how to find the right property… it’s far simpler than you think! 


We also go through other myths in the industry and why the simplest strategies are the best strategies!


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Remember, keeping it simple and staying consistent are how you will create the most success.




P.S Also keep reminding yourself, property is a long game!


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